I also offer online/phone counselling by Skype, Zoom or regular telephone.

Depending on circumstances it might be possible to continue counselling after a number of sessions by email exchange. Since the personal relationship between client and counsellor is crucial to the therapy I do not start off with just email, as it is a difficult and long process to establish a therapeutic relationship in this way.

Please note I am based in the UK, and whilst I will happily take international clients, sessions will have to be during UK office hours or early evening. So please be aware of time zones, if you are from outside the UK.

How does it work?

• Email me with your preferred times and Skype or Zoom details or telephone number.

• If you do not already use Skype or Zoom I can send you a meeting link which will set the software up for you.

• Book and pay for a session, or block of sessions using Paypal or BACS.

• At the time of the session make sure you are logged in on Skype, Zoom or available to phone.