Feedback from clients

"I referred myself for counselling due to being off work for a period, impacting on my confidence, sleep pattern, and family relationships. Over a period of 8 weeks Pieter listened attentively, drawing links and patterns emerging from the information shared, and provided me with the tool of CBT and particularly the thought records, for identifying unhelpful thoughts, and reframing these positively.

Through Pieter's gentle probing, I was enabled to identify what was driving my lack of confidence, leading me to deal with my past issues, and via the thought record move forward from unhelpful thoughts about self, and therefore build my self esteem in present, and hopefully future. I am extremely fortunate, through guidance offered, to have benefited from support at this time."

"Pieter was very easy to talk to, he was a good listener and I felt very reassured during my sessions. I would highly recommend Pieter. I felt much better once I engaged with his service."

"Thank you so much Pieter for believing in me and giving me the encouragement I needed to get the ball rolling. You are a star."

"When I initially contacted Pieter, I was desperate for help and to regain control of my life. Pieter taught me strategies and techniques to deal with my anxieties and regain the control I so desperately needed. Pieter made me feel at ease and I could always be honest with him, discussing issues which I hadn't felt able to with friends and family. After four months, my life has turned full circle and I once again feel that I am the person I used to be - the person I want to be. For that, myself and my family are wholly grateful to Pieter."

"You were brilliant. You were patient and helped me in so many ways."

"You helped me massively through a terrible time."

"As an ex-pat living in Germany I was happy to find a therapist fluent in English who was comfortable with conducting the sessions online via Skype. Pieter has been a great support to me in clarifying and bringing more attention to certain areas of my life where I felt stuck. His natural presence and compassion enabled me to quickly feel trust and to have the courage to dive into the topics that I most wanted to address."